get to know meme: (4/5) favorite male characters → eric matthews

life’s tough. get a helmet.

Happy Little Pill
Troye Sivan

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Would it be cliche if I said this has been on repeat since I heard it?

I am so sick of being an easy target.

get to know me meme [2/5] male characters: ben wyatt

"Nerd culture is mainstream now."

I’m not hatin’, I’m just tellin’ you; I’m tryna let you know what the fuck that I’ve been through.

Anonymous said:
Blue eyes

Oh that’s a good one! If it comes out any good, I might post it on my writing blog that I share with my friend. Thanks anon!

Send me a situation, subject, anything you’d like in my inbox or below so I can write a poem about it.

I really need more variety.


Aubrey Plaza by Father John Misty


Aubrey Plaza by Father John Misty

Donald Glover talking about the comments he received during his campaign to be the next Spider-Man (x)

"I was talking about it with Dan Eckman, who directed my Bonfire video. Can you imagine that trailer? That would be dope. Like it makes sense… a poor black kid in Queens. Like it just fits.”


also I want to go to the LA show SO BAD but I live in michigan and I have literally 0 dollars

I live in Michigan too and yea I wish I could go to Bo’s show also.  I’m actually comfortable at comedy shows.

you probably heard we ain’t in the prisoner-takin’ business; we in the killin’ nazi business. and cousin, business is a-boomin’.

I’m editing a video for my intro to communications course and I am so sick of hearing myself speak.